Registered Charity: 1180072 (Charity Commission UK)

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Toiletries Collection
Ever wanted a good use for your holiday toiletries? We Collect your hotel toiletries to give to QA Hospital for the elderly wards!
Happy Bags
We collect the following items to place in bags for children who are going through awful situations. Such as at the women's refuge, homeless shelters or if they have been in a crisis situation such as a fire.
Let us know if you would like to organise a collection in your workplace / school etc....
Washing up bowls
We collect washing up bowls and cleaning products. More often than not when a person moves into a home after having been in a temporary accommodation they cannot afford the essentials. We ask the community to donate these to reduce their shopping bill.
Grab Bags
We distribute these across various homeless shelters or use them in crisis situations such as in a fire where all of their personal belongings have been destroyed.
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