The many faces of AOK

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Here are just some of the people working for AOK during the crisis!

Joy Godbold -

Volunteering this year has been incredible. I know that it has given me so much. I have met and developed friendships with so may different people. As an outgoing and social person volunteering has been my reason for getting up. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to work within such an amazing team of people!

(Policies co-ordinator)

Maggie West -

Volunteering at AOK is so rewarding. I love being part of a team. I have met so many lovely people and made lots of friends. It has given me purpose and helped me regain confidence.

Karen Postle

NHS Project co-ordinator and our weekly egg packer!

I guess I could say that, despite having dyspraxia, it has taught me to pack eggs without dropping too many! I have also felt privileged to work with super people with a clear common aim of making a difference at such a difficult time.

Karen Lawrence

Volunteering for AOK has been amazing, the smiles, the gratitude and sometimes look of relief from our clients is so rewarding.

Carla Montgomery

I have worked with AOK for some years now and helped in any way that I could. This last year though has helped me find a little light and friendship after a very dark few months when I ended up wanting to commit suicide. It is still hard to say that but it has showed me that to talk about hard things takes courage. So finding mine again. Thank you everyone for being my family and community.

Hilary Bremner

Schools co-ordinator

It's been great to feel I am actually doing something to help, and as a retired teacher it's been great to direct some of that help to schools and see some ex-colleagues along the way!

Elisha Ralley

(Call taker co-ordinator and foodbank co-ordinator)

AOK has been so rewarding for me and life changing! I have met so many like-minded people along the way!

Rachel Lang

I am contributing by being a donation point. The donations mount up and make a huge difference to people.

James Robson and his boy!

James has been volunteering throughout the pandemic, picking up huge amounts of your donations! "It has been rewarding and being able to contribute has been great."

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