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Previous community projects

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Painting a huge garden shed to turn it into a teahouse so that the service users of a disabled persons home could use it to serve the community - this also included homeless veterans carrying out the work with members of the community.

  • Oliver’s Garden - The transformation of a garden for a young lad with cerebral palsy to have access.

  • Leah's lifeline - Fundraising of £60,000 to ensure she could have life-saving treatment

  • Garden projects - Lockswood day centre care home.

  • House projects - overhauling a young families house to decorate each room to give a safe environment for a family just out of a women’s refuge.

  • House project - Painting a house for a family, the father was in hospital having lifesaving treatment.

  • Collection of Easter eggs for over 1,000 people - in hospital, care homes and the community.

  • Christmas with a twist is the Christmas event - teaching children about giving rather than receiving a gift, for someone in need.

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