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AOK Community (Solent) This charity was founded in 2014 by Kerry Snuggs and came as a result of a lady who lost her wedding rings after her husband sadly passed away from Cancer. A group was set up by Kerry on Facebook and In an act of kindness lots of people put their plans aside for the day and looked for the rings. They were found by a lovely couple who lived nearby and the rings were reunited with their owner.  Incidents were happening in the community where it was felt by Kerry that a little more could be done to support the victim / vulnerable person. So the group on Facebook that was initially set up to search for the rings remained open.  

Now to date (November 2020) the group has 10.8k members and a vast amount of experience, skills and support by the growing AOK community. We have carried out thousands of Acts of Kindness and expanded more than ever anticipated. 

In April 2020, Covid sadly hit the UK - Acts of Kindness Community (Solent) Identified that food support was needed for the community.  The Fareham and Gosport basics bank closed, and AOK stepped up to provide vital support to the community.  We moved to a hangar in Daedulus and have since provided over 5000 food parcels in this time. Since September the foodbank have now reopened but we have recognised a demand that still exists and due to the second lockdown we will be continuing as a foodbank for the next six months to get the community through the devastating damage that COVID has caused.  



We Need Your Support Today!

Email: ActsOfKindnessTeam@outlook.com

Registered Charity: 1180072 (Charity Commission UK)

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