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In 2014 a lady lost her wedding rings after her husband sadly passed away from cancer. A group was set up by Kerry Snuggs, Founder, on Facebook and in a tremendous act of kindness lots of people put their plans aside for the day and looked for the rings. They were found by a lovely couple who lived nearby and the rings were reunited with their owner.  

We realised that many other people in the community needed help and support so the Facebook group remained open and Acts Of Kindness Community (Solent) was born. 

We encourage the people in the community to become involved in helping one another through crisis situations and we have an incredible band of supporters who can help with everything from feeding family, helping write a CV, supporting people into their first home, donating funds recycling furniture and most importantly getting them through any crisis.

We want to enable the community to thrive on kindness and to work in partnership with other agencies and charities - together we are stronger.

We believe it is all about the little acts of kindness which bring the community closer, because, together we are stronger.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the local community in whatever way we can. We can help those facing an immediate crisis, we are on hand to help people improve their lives and we love community projects where we can really make a difference. It’s all about little acts of kindness.

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Our Vision

Our vision is for a time where no one should feel alone, but to have the community to talk to. We will make that happen because together we are stronger.

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